Samsung Pay launches virtual cash card, international money transfer


Samsung on Thursday rolled out two new features for its Pay service: a cash card and international money transfer.

Samsung Pay Cash is a virtual prepaid cash card that lives in your Samsung Pay account wallet. It works anywhere Samsung Pay and Mastercard are accepted. You can store and use the card, which is secured by Mastercard’s tokenization service, without exposing your card number.

People can add money and shop directly from the Samsung Pay app. Using Samsung Pay Cash will earn you Samsung Rewards points, which can be used to score Samsung products and instant win prizes.

The tech giant also launched Money Transfer, an international money transfer service, in partnership with Travelex. US Samsung Pay users can send payments to 47 countries using their existing pre-registered debit or credit cards. They can send money in most major currencies.

Money Transfer is now available in the US and will expand to more markets in 2020.

Source:- cnet